Who Are We?

Established in 1986, Boboli International, LLC manufactures sweet frozen baked goods.  Our primary products are cream puffs and eclairs using a French Choux Dough Recipe.  Our manufacturing facility is located in the Central Valley of California at the cross roads of major roads going north, south, east and west with a local deep water port and rail.

Our baked goods are prepared with traditional scratch bakery recipes in a kitchen that thoroughly respects the simple integrity of fresh premium ingredients.  We fill our French-style choux pastry to the brim to satisfy your palate!

Our company owned brands include Patissa(r), Tulip Street(r), Van Diermen(r) and Dutch Choux Factory.  We are also the exclusive manufacturer of cream puffs and eclairs for one of the top brands in the world.  Ask us about this!

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